Thursday, 25 September 2014

Private William Woods - 10th Battalion Highland Light Infantry

Remembering today: Private William Woods - 17089 - 10th Battalion Highland Light Infantry - Born in Carrickfergus, Killed in Action France 25th September 1915.

William was killed on the 1st day of the Battle of Loos in fighting East of Cambrin. The companies were to get out of the trenches simultaneously 40 minutes after zero and all lines move forward.
The first objective being Les Briques Trench, The 2nd
objective was the German 2nd line trenches, West of Haisnes.

At 5.50 AM 25th September 1915 all companies were in position and the gas cylinders were opened up. There was no breeze and the poisonous gasses hung mostly
over our own trenches causing a good deal of alarm to our troops
and many men suffered from its effects before going over the parapet.

At this hour the attack was launched, all lines
rose out of their trenches simultaneously and advanced under a very heavy machine gun rifle and shell fire. The first line were practically wiped out before they had gone 20yards, the 2nd and 3rd lines lost heavily before they reached our own 1st line. By the time all the 3 first companies were over, the Battalion had lost 70% of the men who went over the top and about 85% of the officers.
06.45am ‘C’ company advanced about 1/4hour afterwards and also lost heavily.

The survivors of the10th Battalion got back to their trenches at about11.30am and were withdrawn from the Front line trenches. Loses had been horrendous. Among them was Private William Woods. His body was never recovered and he is Remembered on the Loos Memorial (Pictured) #LestWeForget

Loos Memorial

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