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Full List of the Carrickfergus men lost during WW1

As the Carrickfergus Roll of Honour nears completion I believe we are very very close to having a comprehensive list of everyone who served and died from Carrickfergus Borough during the Great War.  The following list of the 209 Carrickfergus who made the ultimate sacrifice includes 165 Army (including Australian, Canadian, South African & New Zealand), 22 Mercantile Marine, 10 Royal Navy, 6 Royal Naval Reserve, 2 Mercantile Marine Reserve, 1 Royal Flying Corps and 3 unknown.


Adams, John Hanna
Allcock, Sydney
Allen, Henry Hamilton
Anderson, William
Atkinson, James 
Baird, James
Barron, Robert James
Baxter, George
Birney, William
Boyd, John
Boyd, Samuel
Boyd, William Graham
Brennan, James
Brennan, Robert
Burgess, George
Burnside, E.E
Butler, Martin
Cambridge, Robert
Campbell, James
Carlisle, Edward
Clarke, John Carton
Clarke, Thomas
Clarke, William
Connor, Charles Fredrick 
Cousins, Nathaniel
Craig, James
Creighton, Patrick
Cullen, Cyril
Dalton, Robert Cromwell (Bobby)
Davey, Allen or Allan
Davey, William, Hamilton – O.B.E
Devine,  John
Dignan, James
Edens, James
Farren, George
Feeney, Hugh Morrison
Gillespie, Norman Alexander 
Goldsworthy, John
Gorman, Robert
Gray, James D
Gray, Samuel
Haggan, Andrew
Haggan, Edward Samuel
Hamilton, Herbert
Harvey, Robert
Higgins, John
Hill, Samuel
Hodkinson, William (Spelt Hodgkinson on CWGC)
Hogsett, Thomas
Holmes, William
Houston, William J
Hunter, Joseph
Hunter, Matthew
Johnston, Samuel
Jones, Espar
Jones, William Hamilton
Kane, Samuel
Kerr, Hugh
Killips, William
Kirk, Francis
Kirk, Robert
Knowles, Robert George
Kyles, James
Larmour, Archibald
Larmour, David
Legg, Charles
Lemon, Archibald D
Logan, Charles
Logan, John
Loughins, David
Lyle, William
Maguire, James
Manson, James
Martin, Thomas
May, Frederick Wilson Langton 
Mayne, Joseph
McAllister, Andrew
McAllister, Henry
McAuley, Robert
McCall, William
McCalmont, John
McCarthy, James
McCullough, Hugh
McDermott, Richard
McDonald, William Robert
McDowell, Hugh
McDowell, Thomas
McGiffen, Stewart
McIlwaine, John
McKeown, Harold or Joseph Harold
McKinney, George
McQuilkin, Daniel
McQuitty, David
Millar, David
Millikin, James
Moore, Anthony
Moore, William Henry 
Morgan, James Finlay 
Morrison, William
Noble, James
O’Cleary, William Peregrine
O’Donnell, John
O’Neill, Edward
Owens, George Harvey
Partridge, Thomas
Patten, Albert Victor  (reported locally as Patton)
Patterson, Robert
Patton, Edwin Milliken
Powers, William
Powter, George
Reilly, Alexander Maxwell
Robb, David
Robinson, William
Rodgers, James
Rodgers, Robert
Rooney, William
Ruddy, William
Savage, Walter
Sempey,  James
Sharpe, James
Shaw, William
Shearer, James
Simms, John McKeen
Skelton, William
Sloan, Samuel
Smith, William
Smyth, John (Smith)
Smyth, Robert 
Snoddy, William John
Spence, James
Spence, Thomas
Taylor, A
Taylor, James Henry
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Philip Henry
Thompson, John
Thompson, William
Wale, Edmund Joseph
Walker, T (Jerome Lennie)
Wallace, James
Wallace, Robert H
Watson, John
Weeks, Archibald Harold
Williams, William J
Woods, Thomas M
Woods, William
Woods, William
Young, William Henry
Cunningham, J H
Knox, John Stanley
Morrison, The Rev Samuel
Stevenson, William
Stewart, James A
Woods, W J
Wright, Samuel 
Armstrong, Alexander
Atkinson, George
Forbes, Herbert
Jack, John W C 
McCauley, James William 
McMullan, Thomas  (spelt McMullen on war records)
Millar, George
Weatherup, Jack (John)
Harding, Samuel C
McAllister, J
                                                           Mercantile Marine;

Adamson, Andrew Elliott
Anderson, William
Atkinson, James
Blair, Robert
Burney, William
Cameron, James
Carroll, William
Clifford, William John
Creighton, Edward Henry
Dalton, Thomas
Davidson or Davison, Charles
Donald, Edward
Harris, Robert
Hay, William James
Hilditch, Samuel
Hodkinson, Arthur
Hoy, John C
McAlpine, James (McAlpin) 
McIlwaine, James
Milliken, Thomas
Stewart, Joseph
Thompson, Thomas McQuilty

Mercantile Marine Reserve:

McAtamney, Robert
McKinney, William Finlay

Royal Flying Corps:

Jackson, Herbert , Meynell

Royal Naval Reserve:

Chamberlain, Henry Neville
Chambers, Bernard
Hagan, M (Michael?)
Hunter, Andrew
McMaw, Richard
McMillan, William (reported locally as McMillen)
                                         Royal Navy:

Bew, John Vincent
Boal, James
Boyd, Henry
Donald, Marriott Robert (Martie)
Gardiner, James, Thomas (Gardener)
Hill, Alexander
McAllister, Andrew
McDowell, William
McMurran, Henry
Moore, John


Hilditch, John 
Nicholson, J
O’Neill, James

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