Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A poem from some of the Carrickfergus "bhoys" of B Coy 12th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles

I was putting together some pieces for the book last night and started reading this poem again, I can't believe I have not shared it yet as it really does make fantastic reading.  In 9 versus it pretty much sums up the journey the lads have taken from working in Barn Mills flax mill and playing for Barn F.C to training in England and their embarkation to France.  I particularly enjoy the last couple of versus talking about how the Barn have sent over footballs to keep up morale.  The poem is dated 6th December 1915 and they are now in the trenches and champing at the bit to get at the Hun, if only they new what was ahead of them in the bitter months of 1916. 

Hope you enjoy it.   J.S

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